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4G Commercial WiFi solution

日期: 2016-06-20
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 In 2015, Smart phone users has reached 500 million people inChina, world's mobile phone users is expected to grow to 4.55 billion in 2017. Universal coverage of smart terminals and development of mobile internet not only demand in the rapid expansion of WIFI, but also bring a huge market opportunity that based on mobile communications and Wi-Fi applications.

  Shenzhen MiFidata Technology Co., Ltd combining with 4G mobile communications and Wi-Fi applications,specifically developing and designing BusWiFi vehicle-mounted multimedia terminal for bus, interurban coach, tourist bus andsubway, etc., passengers not only enjoy theWiFi from the 4G internet services, but also enjoy free of video, music, information, games and other multimedia entertainment programs oflocal storage. Vehicle terminal combining with our cloud advertising platform which canadvertise and collect information and Ad click’ number base on location-based services (LBS). Promoting the marketing and brand value for vehicle operators and advertising agency. Our Bus 4G WiFi’s advertising systemprovide integrated value of Public Security + entertainment + mobile media to users who under the new internet.


System function:

 ◆3G/4G wireless internet access

  The system support 3G/4G wireless access, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom can be seamlessly connected into the network at any time any place.

 ◆WIFI hotspot access
  The system support WIFI access, smart phone, PAD and laptop tothrough the WIFI access connect with vehicle-mounted equipment, surf the Internet freely.

 ◆Offline "cloud" local storage

 Mobile terminal equipmentconnect with WIFI access multimedia terminal, enjoy the video storage facilities, games, music, information and other information services.
Mobile terminal equipment connect with Car Wi-Fi access, then passenger enjoy video, music, news, games and other information services inmultimedia terminal.

 ◆SD、SSD、HD Storage
  The system support SD, SSD andHD local store, video service support32G-1T storage space(support capacity).
◆Vehicle-mounted industrial-grade and reliable quality
  Hard disk Anti-shock technology, reliable industrial design, completely solve the problem oflosing hard disk data.

  ◆Easyoperation and simple architecture
  The system integrate the mobile Internet media services in the terminal equipment. Combined with our cloud advertising platform, the structure is more simple andmore easy operation.

 ◆Accurate advertising and manage Internet behavior

  The system support cloud advertising platform whichincluding real- time billing, remotely manage device, control the time and flow of users, collecting internet behavior and analyzing data of users.

  The system update local content, including local WIFI, FTP andUSB; At the same time, remotely update content via cloud advertising platform, the platform manage all the network terminal equipment inone-stop, easy to update, easy to manage.

  ◆Monitoring Video, Managing Cloud Platform
  The systemwith vehicle operations regulatory functions which can monitor video, positioning GPS and delay switch. Equipment connect with cloud platform to remotely manage, upgrading maintenance and save costs of manpower maintenance.

4G Commercial WiFi solution
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