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Car-Fi Solution for Internet of Vehicles

日期: 2016-06-20
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  There is a huge market demand for mobile system in vehicle, one market research firm ABI predicted that in 2019 the proportion of Pre-loaded with Wi-Fi in-car entertainment system will close to 60% in the market of North American. We will play its traditional strengths in the field of communications, committed to provide consumers with cutting-edge science and technology, to ensure mobile network can be connected totally and shared freely.

  A public Wi-Fi system has been developed for the internet of vehicles, now it is widely used in the taxi industry. It works with the radio transmitter what mounted on the taxi, to provide free Wi-Fi service for passengers and drivers. Firefly Wi-Fi project can meet multiple needs from driver, passengers, and other third-party display with the strengths of advanced technology, autonomy and flexibility.




  Self-research and customized hardware devices, through the proprietary mobile APTechnology to achieve Wi-Fi hotspot sharing features. Security, stability, and has patented technology. The software has function of e-Touch, provide WIFI services for passengers and drivers. Drivers are no longer worried about traffic, freely to use taxi software, not only ensure drivers’ interests but also enhance travel experience and satisfaction from passengers.



Market Demand Analysis

1.User Management: Enterprises need to unified management, operation and maintenance about car.

2.Controlled Flow: Knowing the real-time condition of traffic, set up the flow rate, flow control permission. For exceed traffic, it can be mentioned or broken the network, intelligent traffic management.

3.Data Management: The demand of user data acquisition, statistics, analysis and so on.

4.Internet Service: Providing free hot spot connecting, sharing internet with driver and passengers.

5.Real-time Monitoring: Monitoring the car and located precisely.

Introduction of solution architecture

The Server Center

  The storage of user data, backup of data, the configuration of parameter, the storage of software package, the advertising information, the status of equipment, the history of unit, the tracking log.

Surfing on The Internet

  When passengers get into the car, they can connect to the car wifi. After connecting to Wifi, server will push Ad page to mention ID identification ( input telephone number ). Passengers could enjoy the free Wifi while identifying successfully.

Car MIFI Equipment

The software parameters

1.Supporting Portal certification, commercial advertisement would be pushed precisely.

2.Supporting remote software upgrading and management.

3.Supporting black and white list filtration.

4.Supporting cache offline, and read file.

Platform Operation Management


Device Management

Traffic Management

Threshold Management

Product Introduction


Specification defines
Overviewcontent description
Technical SpecificationsTD-LTE3GPP/3GPP2 Release9,Category 3,up to 68M DL and 17M bps UL@20MHz bandwidth
FDD LTE3GPP/3GPP2 Release9,Category3,up to 100M DL and 50M bps UL@20MHz bandwidth
CDMA1x,1x Advance, EV-DO Rev-A,Rev-B
DC-HPSA+3GPP/3GPP2 Release8, up to 42Mbps ,category 24,5.76M bps UL
HPSA+3GPP/3GPP2 Release7, up to 14.4Mbps ,category 10,5.76M bps UL
HSPA3GPP/3GPP2 Release6, up to 7.2M bps DL,category 7/8,5.76M bps UL

UMTS3GPP Release4, up to 384 Kbps DL and UL
EDGE3GPP Release4, Multislot class 12, up to 237 Kbps
GPRS3GPP Release4, Multislot class 10, up to 85.6Kbps
CDMA 2000BC0
GSMQuad Band
SIM/USIM Card SlotYES,6PIN,Meet 3GPP 31.101 and31.102 standard
TFlash Card SlotYES
PlatformROM+RAM2Gbit + 1Gbit


Product Features
  Firstly, CarFi provide network access anytime, anywhere, so consumers can enjoy thelatest music, radio, video and other entertainment during their trip. 4G LTE high speed network, up to 150 Mbps downlink. Support 10 users access to Wi-Fi, and can also charge for other equipment at the same time. Solving the problem of outages, to achieve real network freedom.
Car-Fi in the security and the usability as well, support parking guidance, emergency rescue vehicles, road detection and other security services, interactive communication through hands-free voice recognition, real-time traffic updates, driving behavior recognition model of UAV to ensure safe driving. It is worth attention, considering the high temperature in summer, CarFi is not equipped with battery but builtin temperature control system, in the case of high temperature to achieve automatic temperature reduction.
  CarFi is simple to use, by matching with the automobile cigar lighter and a builtinpower supply socket interface, plug and play. A key to start, long press the power button to open and access to the network, quickly complete set to ensure the safety of driving. Remote control and management of the access device, power, etc. by downloading our APP. In addition, CarFi can intelligently distinguish devices access status, and automatically shut down to save power in the state of zero.
Successful cases
Taxi free WIFI
  Customer's main business is based on digital media and mobile Internet keytechnologies, targeted at corporate customers and individual users, providing professional services and comprehensive solutions based on the field of mobile media, digital media dissemination.
  We offer our customers a wireless free WiFi products for nationwide taxi. The productis for the public to provide high grade and convenient travel guide services, meanwhile, it turns out to be an accurate advertising and marketing, indoor location and OTO wireless solutions for Food, hotels, leisure and entertainment, exhibition, museum and other commercial customers.





Car-Fi Solution for Internet of Vehicles
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